Floor Plans





Standard floor plans




Laser-measured by our photographers and CAD-drawn by professional draughtspeople, our highly accurate and visually appealing floor plans help bring a property’s dimensions and layout to life prior to inspection.

Plans can be customised to incorporate your own branding, and we can also simplify detailed council or architectural plans to produce a more user-friendly floor plan. We can also insert furniture into our standard plans.


Click on the images below to view standard floor plan examples:


Simplified architectural plan



Coloured floor plans




Standard floor plans can also be coloured.





Textured floor plans




Upgrade from a standard floor plan to our textured floor plans for added colour, texture and appeal. We can also insert furniture into our textured plans.


Click on the images below to view textured floor plan examples:


House 1
House 2
Furnished house
Textured site plan



Site plans




Site plans are a great way to illustrate the layout of a property's gardens or grounds, including prominent external features and outbuildings.


Textured site plan 1
Textured site plan 2
Standard site plan 1
Standard site plan 2



Interactive floor plans




Interactive floor plans are a powerful online marketing tool allowing buyers to navigate their way around a property before the open house. Buyers simply click on individual rooms in the online floor plan to open up its still image.


Our interactive floor plans also include free web hosting from our servers for the duration of your listing.



View our interactive floor plans:




3D artist impressions




Help buyers visualise how a yet-to-be-built property will look with our 3D artist impression plans. All we need are building or architectural drawings to bring the property to life in 3D. We offer two types of 3D artist impressions: standard or premium.



3D exterior view
3D roof on view
3D roof off view



Example one
Example two
Example three